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Linda S. 2013

July 2, 2013

Where do I begin? On February 28, 2007, Mother moved from a very nice facility into her new home at 2750 W. Highland Ave.  She was on hospice and not doing well, losing weight. We got settled and then she had her first Koffee Klutch!!!

Not long after that, Activity Director, Donna, took an eager group out for lunch at Bennigan’s, and Mother was included.  When the server asked if anyone wanted anything else, everyone replied, “No.” Everyone, that is, except [Mother].  She was bound and determined to have dessert—Death by Chocolate!!! Everyone waited patiently as she lapped up every crumb on that memorable event.

By this time, she was thriving at ACR and no longer on hospice!! Our family is firmly convinced that it is due to the wonderful loving, caring and nurturing that she received in her 6 years.
Everyone from the people in maintenance, the kitchen crew, the housekeeping crew, the activity crew, the CNAs, the nurses, the office crew have been just like another family to our family! There was so much concern and love for the residents and their family members, and never an unkind word was spoken that I ever heard.

Thank you for sharing your staff with our family. We appreciate everything you have done not only for … Mother, but also for the rest of our family. You allowed her to have her dignity right up to the end, for which I am very grateful.