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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relation between Highland Oaks and Apostolic Christian Resthaven?

The nursing home is still Apostolic Christian Resthaven with a doing business name of Highland Oaks – only the doing business name has changed.  Apostolic Christian Resthaven’s outstanding reputation for excellent care will be maintained.

Is Highland Oaks skilled care expensive?

No, our prices are competitive with other nursing homes. Contact us for current prices.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, but a long waiting list doesn’t mean a long wait. Once you are on our waiting list, we’ll contact you when a bed or apartment becomes available. If you’re not ready to move in, we’ll contact the next person on the list, and you’ll keep your position in the list. To join our list, complete a Skilled Nursing Care application or complete an Independent Living application.

Do I need to be associated with the Apostolic Christian Church to live at Highland Oaks?

No. Association with a particular church is not required.

Can I keep my medical doctor?

Yes, if your doctor is willing to come to Highland Oaks or your family is able to take you to your doctor’s office.