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  • We are so grateful to all of you at Highland Oaks for the superb care my Mom received there. Putting Mom in a "home" was a difficult decision, but once she was there a few days, we immediately knew that she was somewhere special. She was always treated with kindness and respect. We can't say enough about her CNA, Denise, who kept her looking fresh and lovely. Denise and all the CNA's and nurses were angels in so many ways. Each time we came to visit, the staff knew immediately where Mom was. The special events and parties for the residents and their families were wonderful with their pretty decorations and delicious food. From top to bottom, the staff was friendly and supportive. Highland Oaks personnel became part of our family too.

    – The Halter’s 2017

  • I would like to thank all of you for becoming my mom's extended family.  You all had a unique part to play in becoming a family away from home for her.  You went above & beyond in her everyday life.  You all are reflections of God's love & compassion in all you do for those you care for.

    – Patricia A. 2016

  • A simple thank you note can't begin to express adequately our thanks for the care you gave Dad these past few years.  You became a second family to us in so many ways, and we always felt Dad was receiving the best possible tender, loving care.

    – Warren A. 2016

  • I knew when we brought my dad to the home that God's presence was there in all of you.  You all are the hands & feet of Christ.  I am so grateful for the loving, excellent care you gave him.

    – Becky B. 2016

  • Thank you for all you did for our mother.  We appreciate all your efforts to care for her.  All the staff was wonderful and gave tireless support to ensure good care for our mother.  Carla in particular was an outstanding caregiver and we were truly blessed to have her care for our mother.

    – Bridgett P. 2014

  • I wanted to take some time to thank you for all of the warm wonderful and loving care that my mother received from you all over the the past several years.  I know that she felt safe, secure and loved thanks to your hard work and dedication to a higher calling.......

    – Doug G. 2014

  • I just wanted to thank you all for taking good care of my grandfather during the last months of his life.......  My parents also could not be happier with the care given to him. Thanks again for the work you do.

    – David S. 2014

  • I can't even single anyone out. Everyone who works here seems remarkable!

    – Anne V. 2014

  • I don't know how you do what you do, but I am eternally grateful! Your care and compassion is second to none!

    – Sara S. 2014

  • Where do I begin? On February 28, 2007, Mother moved from a very nice facility into her new home at 2750 W. Highland Ave.  She was on hospice and not doing well, losing weight. We got settled and then she had her first Koffee Klutch!!! Not long after that, Activity Director, Donna, took an eager group out for lunch at Bennigan’s, and Mother was included.  When the server asked if anyone wanted anything else, everyone replied, “No.” Everyone, that is, except [Mother].  She was bound and determined to have dessert—Death by Chocolate!!! Everyone waited patiently as she lapped up every crumb on that memorable event. By this time, she was thriving at ACR and no longer on hospice!! Our family is firmly convinced that it is due to the wonderful loving, caring and nurturing that she received in her 6 years. Everyone from the people in maintenance, the kitchen crew, the housekeeping crew, the activity crew, the CNAs, the nurses, the office crew have been just like another family to our family! There was so much concern and love for the residents and their family members, and never an unkind word was spoken that I ever heard. Thank you for sharing your staff with our family. We appreciate everything you have done not only for ... Mother, but also for the rest of our family. You allowed her to have her dignity right up to the end, for which I am very grateful.

    – Linda S. 2013

  • Yes, Lord. I know there are angels on earth. I have met them here.

    – Lee U. 2013

  • I don’t know where to begin when talking about ACR.  My mother had been in other facilities and I never felt really comfortable or at peace with the situation.  When we came to ACR, I felt I could breath a long sigh of relief.  We had found a loving, caring “home” for Mom and peace of mind for me.  The entire staff was more like family and I will always be grateful that Mom was able to be taken care of by a wonderful place.

    – Nancy C. 2012

  • In the almost 4 years my mother has been here, I have been very satisfied with the care she has had and the nurses, aides and all who take care of her.  I would highly recommend Apostolic to anyone who is in need of an excellent Nursing Home.

    – Judy W. 2012

  • I had my mother placed at Apostolic Resthaven because I heard of the great care that is given to their residents.  I knew in the first hour that I had made a good decision because they had addressed an issue that my mom was having trouble with for a couple of months in the previous nursing home and it was resolved because of the diligent check-up each person gets when they come here.  My family was very pleased whenever they visited her because of how clean and well kept it is.  Every time you entered you could smell the good food that was being prepared for the residents.  Everyone is treated with respect.  The staff became like family to us and so to keep in touch with them after my mom passed away, I volunteered to help with the Koffee Klatsch.

    – Karen M. 2012